You Can Buy a Combi Oven Here

The purchase of a combi oven commercial, will often be the biggest expense a commercial kitchen owner will incur. You must ensure that you purchase the right oven. These are six things you should consider before making an investment.

* Features: You can program the machine to make pre-set meals and have units that automatically clean themselves. These and other features will also be recommended by combi oven experts.

* Services Three-phase power is required for the majority of electric models. They all produce steam and require at minimum 1 x 15mm water supply. Do not forget to install a drain. You may find the waste outlet to many units very low, but others will need an air brake or tundish.

Accessories: For maximum use of your combi oven, accessories are needed. These accessories include plate racks or trolleys for regen, and stacking kit and stands.

* Ventilation. All Combi-ovens should be covered with an extraction canopy. If this isn’t possible, many manufacturers produce ovens that have “built-in” ventilation such the Hans Dampf HoodIn “HoodIn” from MKN. MKN along with other premium brands also offer an factory-fitted extraction Hood for many of their units. You can place the oven anyplace in your kitchen.

* Access. Despite the simplicity of this access, many combi ovens weigh a lot. You should ensure it is compatible with your kitchen. It’s not funny that your shiny new (expensive!) oven gets stuck in a door frame halfway between two flights of stairs.

* Reliability. The 6th point guide. MKN Hans Dampf model are being used in marine environments to ensure that they don’t have to tell 600 workers on the oil rig that their ovens won’t work. Rational ovens now come standard with a two-year warranty. Because it is unlikely that it will ever break down, they offer this warranty. Both brands offer real benefit and peaceof mind.

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