Hanging Drywall: The Beginner’s Guide

A little knowledge is a must if you’re considering remodeling your home or office. While experience is always the best teacher in any situation, knowing a bit about the basics can help you save significant time and money. First, you need to decide which type and thickness of wallpaper will be most suitable for your specific situation. You will need to use green board if you plan to install drywall in areas where moisture or dampness may be an issue. This type is commonly used for shower and tub surrounds. If you don’t mind moister, then the next question is what thickness of wallpaper will be most effective for your needs. Thicker sheets of drywall such as 3/4 inches are used to insulate or increase stability and security. For interior applications, 1/4-1/2 inch of dry wall will be sufficient. Visit our website and learn more about drywall contractor.

Next is to cut the drywall according to your requirements. The studs should be at least 16 inches from the center for commercial or residential construction. You will need to measure a 4×8 foot drywall sheet to determine its size. This is because the sheet you are installing will almost always be facing another one. In order to have enough space to hold the sheets, the sheets must meet in center of the 2×4. Once you have taken your measurements, use a box cutter to cut the board on its outward side. It’s not necessary to cut through the drywall. It can lead to board pieces breaking off or crumbling prematurely. If pressure is applied to the sheet, the sheets will easily separate along the lines once they have been scored. Some people find it helpful to place the scored edge on a smooth surface.

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