How to Install Water Softeners

Hard water or limescale is the most common cause of death in appliances, kettles, boilers, and other water heating equipment. Limescale can be difficult to remove and is usually impossible to clean if it is not dealt with soon. Descale is the best way to clean limescale. There are many options for water filters. Water softeners brands are the best way to protect your home and appliances from limescale buildup. Your household size will determine the cost of water softeners. They can be as low as 300 to 700 pounds.

Planning Your Installation. Follow the water regulations. Make sure there is only one water main supply. You should also make sure that there is enough room for salt filling and maintenance. The water pressure should be checked. Locate the main water supply shutoff cock, drain facility, and power supply to the unit.

Water Pressure Test. It is vital that you perform a water pressure test. The softener can be damaged or destroyed by high and low water pressure. Even though the softener is pressure tested, it is recommended to install a pressure limiter in case your pressure exceeds 5 bars (70 psi). It is also recommended that any water appliance be fitted a leak control.

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